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You were contacted by us because we have located an estate filing with missing heirs or have been asked by an estate representative to investigate potential heirs to an estate in which you were identified as a potential heir. It is possible that you are entitled to an inheritance of which you may not be aware. Further work will be necessary to confirm and substantiate our findings.

We are licensed private investigators and professional genealogical researchers. Using our access to public records and our research capabilities to uncover missing or broken familial connections, we followed a path that led us to the most recent contact information for you. Once we locate you our work is just beginning. As a client of ours your interest and connection to the matter will be substantiated through documentary evidence that we will compile during the process.

Privacy and confidentiality are paramount to our business. We never share your information without your express permission. Additionally, we don’t use or share your information for any marketing purposes whatsoever.

Alliance Estate Research has over 100 years of experience in this field and we are the largest firm located in Northern California. Working with us means you have one of the most experienced research teams in the industry. More importantly, the direct contact you enjoy with us ensures that you have a trusted partner every step of the way, which we believe is somewhat unique in this industry.

No. Alliance Estate Research works for clients throughout the United States and abroad. We are headquartered in California, but our work takes us from the smallest towns and counties to the largest cities and countries across the globe.

The probate process is expensive and time consuming. We typically work with our clients on a contingency basis, and assume all the risk and expense. There is never any out of pocket cost to you and we only get paid when we are successful in obtaining a distribution for you. In the event that no distribution occurs, there is no cost to you.

The probate process typically takes from 18-24 months, depending on the complexity of the estate. After you engage with AER by signing a few documents, we take it from there. We remove the burden on you throughout the probate process. We deal with the documents, research and details as we usher the process to completion, trying to expedite it along the way.

Many companies in this field are highly-qualified; however it is AER’s unique attention to personal details and connecting directly with our clients that sets us apart. We enjoy complete transparency throughout the process and work tirelessly to bring the issues to swift and complete resolution.

During the process we strive to develop strong, trusting relationships with our clients. The process can be long and frustrating without the right partner. AER seeks to assist our clients in navigating through a thoughtful course of action. We aim to partner closely with you, attorneys and representatives to satisfy all the requirements along the way.

Of course! We take great pride in our direct communications with clients. Please visit our Contact Us page and decide how you’d like to reach us!

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